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Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra A Scam: $3M Bra Looks Cheap And Boring [Poll]

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra A Scam: $3M Bra Looks Cheap And Boring [Poll]
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Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra A Scam: $3M Bra Looks Cheap And Boring [Poll]

On Wednesday evening, Jasmine Tookes, the chosen Victoria’s Secret model to wear the $3M Fantasy bra strutted down the runway in a very successful show. However, the bra disappointed fans. Some claim the expensive bra looks cheap and boring.

Victoria’s Secret showcases a special bra each year. It is usually made of precious stones and its price is more than an average man’s lifetime income.

But this year’s lavish lingerie seems to have upset the fans.

Fantasy Bra Looks Cheap And Boring?

According to Mirror, the Fantasy Bra made of 9000 gemstones is worth $3 million. Tookes wore the annual lingerie spectacular to rock the stage.

Apart from the precious bra, she had an emerald laced panty. It was obvious that she felt very proud of what she’s wearing as she strut down confidently.  Auburn curls bouncing on stage, the black model strutted the runway.

But her energy was not able to mask how “boring” the bra is.

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According to Express, many fans expressed their negative views on Twitter.

The messages on Twitter described expensive bra as boring and cheap. A fan along with Tooke’s picture tweeted, “Here’s the boring fantasy bra for anyone who’s interested #VSFashionShow”.

While another wrote, “I understand the fashion industry is gunning for this minimalist approach but can they make the fantasy bra anymore boring?”

Another claimed that this is extra disappointing because Victoria’s Secret failed to make the first ever black woman to wear the fantasy bra shine.

As a another fan criticized that, “I’m disappointed that the first black woman in so many years to finally get the fantasy bra got such a boring bra.”

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Jasmine Tookes Becomes A Part Of History?

Previously, among the supermodels, it was Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer and Gisele Bündchen who had the opportunity to wear the spectacular bra. Now Tookes, 25, joins this rank of VS Angels.

She has been reported saying that, “I feel like it’s such a milestone for Victoria’s Secret to have a woman of color wearing the fantasy bra, because there’s only been two in the past”. The bra that Tookes wore at the show had 450 carats and was extremely expensive.

Tookes who had known about the honor for months, revealed that keeping it as a secret was one of the toughest things to do. Tookes was quoted saying, “I literally had to keep my mouth taped shut”.

She also mentioned that Josephine Skriver, Romee [Strijd] and Taylor [Hill] knew about it.

Do you agree? Was the $3M fantasy bra boring?

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