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Victoria Beckham “Anorexic’ Models: Pizza Pictures Reportedly Used As Cover

Victoria Beckham “Anorexic’ Models: Pizza Pictures Reportedly Used As Cover
Victoria Beckham/Instagram


Victoria Beckham “Anorexic’ Models: Pizza Pictures Reportedly Used As Cover

Victoria Beckham made anoxeric models walk the catwalk for her Spring/Summer 2017 showcase at the New York Fashion Week on Monday. There was a line-up of models, who looked hardly out of school, glaringly skinny with only bones that could be seen in their bodies.

As the models strutted their stuff in the 42-year-old fashion designer’s clothes on the runway, they looked pretty scary. The makeup of the models was such that they made one and all think about Hollow Man.

Their expressions were typically Victoria Beckham-sque with no smiles and sunken expressions which appeared as if an “illusion of illness.” Besides, some of the models had bleached eyebrows and all of them wore sleek long locks, Daily Mail reports.

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But, the eye makeup was beyond comparison. The models looked as if their makeup was a deliberate attempt to give the feel of anorexia like dark circles, etc.

As if when this was not all, Victoria Beckham unleashed her army on the catwalk that was only a show of emaciated girls with their collar bones, ribs, shoulder-blades and skeletal forms in full show. Their body shapes were visible through the outfits and fabrics of her collection.

The NYFW show did not go down well with fashion critics, who criticized the mum-of-four as “boring” for using emaciated models.

On social media, Beckham also received some harsh comments following her Instagram posts.

One said, “Please feed these women. They look ill.”

Another remarked, “Vile just like the just like you, your a joke. Stay at home and look after your husband and children, do a school run enjoy yor self and bloody smile.”

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The models took to their respective social media and posted pictures of themselves with pizza, Mirror UK reports. Is the pizza and other food pictures just a cover up of the models being anorexic?

They also posted pictures of healthy meals and treats including bacon and beer. Victoria Beckham also claimed that her models were healthy. The designer’s lineup included 19-year-old model Ondria Nardinz, who is a US size 0, and Julia Ratner, who has a 23-inch waist and many others like them.

Thank u @pg_dmcasting! Amazing cast at #VBSS17 x vb #NYFW

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So happy to have @brooklynbeckham with me in NY! X I love u so much!! X #VBSS17 #NYFW X 🙏🏻🇺🇸 Xkisses VB

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#VBSS17 #NYFW x vb

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