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Viber Introduces Its New Feature—Video Calling

Viber Introduces Its New Feature—Video Calling


Viber Introduces Its New Feature—Video Calling

Viber Introduces Its New Feature---Video CallingViber has announced a new feature. The popular mobile messaging app is now facilitating video calls as an added service. Many users are raving about this addition, which most of them think should have been added some time ago.

The newly added feature comes with the most recent update of the app. Users who have updated to Viber 5.0 for both iOS and Android can now enjoy making video calls from their app. Moreover, this new feature is also made available to Viber desktop app users who are using OS X, Windows 8, or Windows.

In a statement, Viber said it is delighted to introduce the video calling feature to its users. CEO Talmon Marco said that the app’s users can now start making video calls using their mobile phones, PCs, or Macs. Convenience is the main goal of the new feature.

Viber has been popular for its free messaging service as a mobile app. It has also introduced HD telephone calls facilitated over 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Other add-ons

Aside from video calling, the latest update also makes it easier to manage a user’s contacts. Now, they can ass friends just by adding their Viber numbers. It is also possible to do so using special QR or bar codes.

The OS-specific enhancements brought about by the update include forwarding of photo and video messages. It is also much easier to manage sticker packs on iOS. Meanwhile, Android users can now enjoy the new design of Viber app on the OS. It is now easier and more fun.

Reaching more users

The new design also comes to desktop, through Viber v4.3. The app now has fun backgrounds gallery with several other improvements and of course, bug fixes. For Windows 8, Viber has updated its snap mode with emoticons, stickers, and other notifications.

These changes come a few months after Viber announced having 100 million active users of the app. At the same time, it said it now has over 360 million unique registered users. Meanwhile, the app claims to have over 200 million users that it can easily reach any time.

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