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Viber Adds Low-Cost Calls on Windows Phone 8 Update

Viber Adds Low-Cost Calls on Windows Phone 8 Update


Viber Adds Low-Cost Calls on Windows Phone 8 Update

VIber has added its ‘Viber Out’ functionality to its Windows Phone 8 app version. Through the Viber 4.1 update, the messaging app’s users can now start making more affordable calls to non-Viber contacts’ mobile phones and landlines using any Windows Phone 8 device.

To use this added service, Windows Phone 8 users should first purchase Viber Out credit through the desktop or mobile application. After that, the user may start making calls to anywhere in the world using his smartphone or PC.

The added service was already rolled out in Android and iOS devices last December. When it was introduced to users of both operating systems, it was marketed as a service that facilitates per-call costs that are much lower than how much it costs to use Skype, which is now its direct competitor.

Cheap and secured calls

Viber Out offers lower per-minute rates along with zero connection fees. The cost of using the service is currently up to 480% less compared to the cost of using other similar services. It is most reasonable if it would be used in calling contacts in countries like Germany, Japan, Spain, Mexico, and the UK.

To uphold the security features, the new service also provides or displays the real phone number of users so that recipients of the calls can easily identify them. Thus, it is not the service for users who want to remain anonymous when making calls, for unscrupulous reasons. It eliminate the uncertainty for recipients when receiving calls from unfamiliar overseas numbers. For the desktop version, the user’s address book is even made useful for easier access to contacts.

A game changer feature

When it was launched for the first time, Viber Out was described as a game changer because it facilitates and provides users’ most communication needs. With its rollout on the Windows Phone 8 version of the app, Viber is providing its users in the platform with the more complete Viber service experience that is now being enjoyed by counterparts in iOS and Android.

What’s more? The Viber 4.1 release has expanded functionality, including sending of video messages and multiple photos. It even facilitates hands-free Bluetooth support. As expected, and just like in iOS and Android, Viber 4.1 update is available as a free download for Windows Phone 8 users. They just need to go to the Windows Phone store to find the update and start downloading it anytime.

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