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Vevo Music Videos Come to Living Rooms through Samsung Smart TVs

Vevo Music Videos Come to Living Rooms through Samsung Smart TVs


Vevo Music Videos Come to Living Rooms through Samsung Smart TVs

Vevo Music Videos Come to Living RoomsMusic video channels have reformatted to feature non-music content. But for sure, there are still numerous fans of music videos out there who would rather watch and enjoy old and new videos than kill time on other content. Thankfully, the digital music video site Vevo goes to living rooms through apps that could be accessed through new TV sets.

The Vevo music video app could now be expected to be among the main features of Samsung Smart TV. The program was designed to bring to homes more than 75,000 music videos in HD format through smart TVs, which could connect to the Internet. This means that the music channel would still be streamed online.

Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

This is not the first time for Vevo to collaborate with a set-top or TV service provider. Just last August, it launched its own app on Apple Inc’s Apple TV. That deal made it possible for the set-top-box’s users to enjoy Vevo music videos right at the comfort of their living rooms through their Apple TV-powered TV sets.

According to reports, it was also in August when Vevo entered into a similar content provision deal with Samsung for its own smart TV. There could be no conflict if the Vevo app goes to as many platforms as possible.

The Vevo app experience

The Vevo app for Samsung Smart TV also uses the same streamlined and television-optimized interface. This way, its users could set up as many playlists based on genres, artists, or other personal picks specifically for always-on broadcast. At the same time, the Vevo app would offer other channels that are crafted by other human programmers.

This is not the first time that Samsung Smart TV is adding music to its lineup of content. In the past, it had entered into partnership with Spotify to bring music videos to its users. However, Samsung logically preferred the Vevo app because it comparatively brings about enhanced and full music videos in a unique TV channel experience. Vevo prefers to describe it as ‘lean-back experience.’

The Vevo music videos app would be accessible on Samsung Smart TVs as well as on Blu-ray players, dated 2012 and onwards. The Vevo app service is initially rolled out in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands.

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