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Verizon Offers More Data through its New ‘More Everything’ Plan

Verizon Offers More Data through its New ‘More Everything’ Plan


Verizon Offers More Data through its New ‘More Everything’ Plan

Verizon Wireless is committed to give its subscribers more. The wireless carrier has launches its new ‘More Everything’ plan. As the name suggests, it includes ‘more’ of what mobile services subscribers want: data, storage, and options.

Starting at just $45 every month, Verizon’s customers could double their data on selected plans. They are also bound to enjoy 25GB of cloud storage and get international access. Everything would be facilitated in the network’s growing 4G LTE service.

Changing the game in mobile services

In a statement, chief marketing officer Ken Dixon said that ‘More Everything’ would change the game through the addition of more services that customers basically want. Those would be offered in a simple and single monthly plan.

Moreover, new and present customers should first come up with the decision on how many devices they would have as part of the plan. They could then add up Monthly Line Access for each device. That would amount to $40 for smartphones, $30 for basic handsets, and $10 for tablets all in a month. There would also more data options to choose from. The company’s prices would vary based on the types of devices: smartphones and internet-only devices.

What’s more? Verizon More would also offer unlimited international messaging along with unlimited domestic text and even video and picture messaging. Many observers noted that this scheme is somehow similar to what competitor T-Mobile did sometime in October last year.

Attractive offers to customers

Thus, customers who prefer Verizon Edge for an early upgrade program would be eligible for a $10 discount on monthly smartphone access for about 8GB of data. They would also take $20 off on monthly access plans of 10GB or higher.

More Everything could provide subscribers with more or additional benefits. They could take advantage of the security program Family Base as well as the International Long Distance Value Plan. All these would be free for at least the first three months of subscription. These would then be provided for only $5 month after that trial period.

The company introduced its shared data plans in June 2012. It allows customers to add about 10 devices into a single wireless plan. Its Share Everything options include severed tiered data options and unlimited voice and text messaging. Users would be automatically moved to More Everything plans from February 13 onwards. New customers would automatically be enrolled into it.

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