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Verizon denies throttling Netflix traffic after net neutrality ruling

Verizon denies throttling Netflix traffic after net neutrality ruling


Verizon denies throttling Netflix traffic after net neutrality ruling

Verizon denies throttling Netflix traffic after net neutrality rulingRecently, an engineer from Texas accused Verizon of throttling Netflix Traffic. However, the company was quick to deny it.  The accusations towards Verizon have been made in light of the recent ruling on net neutrality. In a post, the engineer from iScan insisted that he discovered issues with the performance of his Verizon FiOS service both home and away at work.

He claimed that he was getting very slow access to video content on Netflix even when the internet was working at optimum speeds. He also noticed that there was a difference in performance at home and at work as the accounts were classified as office and residential. This appears to be on the cards considering the recent ruling and very little can be done about it.

The case of net neutrality is that everything from e-mails, advertisements, streaming videos and other online content are treated the same way between traveling from one place to another. Without net neutrality, servers could decide that some things weren’t a priority and thus you have to pay extra to increase speeds of viewing them. The provider could also go to the company and ask for money because the photos weren’t a priority.

The net neutrality is very important and could potentially result in many problems across the connected world. It could affect the process of innovation, could result in a dramatic rise in the cost of certain web services and a dramatic rise in the cost of the internet’s feathers as we know right now.

Recently there has been a ruling regarding it and companies like Verizon can take undue benefit from it by affecting the priorities among other things. The implications of this ruling have not been realized as of yet and immediately, fingers have been pointed at such companies for meddling with the neutrality. In the future, the companies like Verizon could easily limit the bandwidth of operation of services like Netflix and such that even if you are using the best connection in the world at a hefty charge, you would only be using the allowed bandwidth and the performance would be same as that of a normal DSL connection.

The user, thus could easily be sidelined with this sort of ruling. Verizon has reiterated that it wouldn’t change the customer’s ability to access and use the internet as they are doing now. But critics are suspicious of the ruling and would continue to doubt the ambitions of the company.

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