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Vegan Mom Elizabeth Hawk Starved Baby: Son Is Malnourished, Mental Development Delayed

Vegan Mom Elizabeth Hawk Starved Baby: Son Is Malnourished, Mental Development Delayed
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Vegan Mom Elizabeth Hawk Starved Baby: Son Is Malnourished, Mental Development Delayed

In a very disturbing event in Fayette County, Uniontown, a mother of a 11-month-old is facing charges of endangering the welfare of her child.

Elizabeth Hawk, 33, allegedly fed her child only fruits and nuts, and this resulted in starvation, causing serious problems to the baby’s sensory and locomotor abilities, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

The suspect’s husband told the CYS that his estranged wife was ‘obsessed’ with following a strict diet.

“He had a severe rash,” said Brandy Hawk, who happens to be the accused sister-in-law. “It was his motor skills; he couldn’t use his hands at all.” She further added that the baby’s mother ignored the symptoms and simply blamed it on “allergies”.

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The child’s father Jerry Hawk and the accused Elizabeth Hawk are separated and the baby was put in his mother’s care. Jerry, who took the child to CYS, was told later that the baby was devoid of ‘proper food at an important developmental stage’ which resulted in his condition to deteriorate.

“She was going to live on water and sunlight,” Brandy said in context to her sister-in-law’s extreme views on nutrition.

The baby is now under his father’s care, including the other two children from Jerry and Elizabeth’s marriage. According to family members, the condition of the child is seeing tremendous improvement, reports CBS.

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“He’s doing great,” said Brandy. “He’s turned completely around.”

A similar incident was reported earlier this year in July when a 14-month-old baby was taken to a hospital in Milan that shocked the doctors. It was a severe case of malnutrition and the baby weighed only slightly more than a 3-months-old, reports the Washington Post.

It has been alleged that the baby was kept on a vegan diet by his parents, without providing proper dietary supplements, which left the baby famished and severely malnourished, causing dangerously low level of calcium in his body. The situation complicated further when the baby had to undergo an emergency operation because of a congenital heart condition, and the low calcium level aggravated the situation furthermore.

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