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Vector Will Be Giving Free Tesla Batteries To Auckland Citizens

Vector Will Be Giving Free Tesla Batteries To Auckland Citizens
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Vector Will Be Giving Free Tesla Batteries To Auckland Citizens

Power giant, Vector, will be giving away 130 free Tesla Powerwall lithium-ion batteries to lucky winners this November.

The competition is entitled Future of Energy and is geared towards giving free power sources to deserving families, groups or individuals.

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The criteria are pretty straightforward. Anyone can nominate an individual, a community, group or a school. The nominees’ properties are located within the AECT area. The roof of the properties where these batteries will be installed has to be “made of corrugated or clip lock long run steel or concrete tiles and meets the following criteria to ensure it is suitable for Vector Solar.”


From Veector's website

From Vector’s website

The winning properties should have a switchboard and should be more than two floors high. A secure broadband connection working for the next 10 years is required as well. Vector’s website also mentioned that there should be encumbrances in installing the solar panels.

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If adjoining neighbors are present in the said properties, they should also be notified about the nomination.

The the nominating parties should not have committed criminal acts under the Crimes Act 1961 and must have the permission to nominate.

The batteries will be free for the next ten years. 100 public and community groups will awarded a Tesla battery. 30 state and state-integrated schools will be receiving the remaining prizes.

Vector reserves the right to the battery ownership for the first 10 years, after which, it passes on the the winners, NZ Herald reports.

The Tesla batteries cost around US$3000 ($4058) to US$3500.

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