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Vatican Uses Social Media to Drumroll Double Pope Sainthood Ceremony

Vatican Uses Social Media to Drumroll Double Pope Sainthood Ceremony


Vatican Uses Social Media to Drumroll Double Pope Sainthood Ceremony

The Catholic Church has one major event coming up. And it’s going to be very huge. It would be listed as another first in the history of the age-old religion. On April 27, the Vatican would hold a special ceremony for the first ever double canonization of two former Popes.

The Holy Church has already launched a number of social media pages and accounts to help further drumroll this monumental event. The Vatican has setup a special and official Website for the occasion. It can be found at

In Facebook, the event has several special pages that use the 2popesaints theme. As expected, it is also on Twitter at the account @2popesaints. Vatican has also set to use other portals in the vast social media. On YouTube, the special event would be at 2popesaints, while on Instagram, it would be at #2popesaints.

Anticipated historic event

This early, it is expected that millions of pilgrims would come to the Vatican City to personally attend this first event for double canonization of two former popes. According to Rome city officials, it is estimated that more than 5 million people would grace the monumental ceremony.

The Italian media has its own estimate: over 7 million people. Officials are certain that many pilgrims from other European countries would come for the event. The bulk of those are expected to come from Poland, where Pope John Paul II hailed. To date, it is not surprising that most hotels within Rome are already fully booked on the date.

Firsts in Vatican history

The event would mark the canonization into sainthood of Pope John Paul II, who was the leader of the Church from 1978 to 2005, and of Pope John XXII, who was the head of the Holy See from 1958 to 1963. Pope John Paul II was the first pope who did not come from Italy in over 400 years. His canonization into sainthood is so far one of the fastest in the history of the Church. For his part, Pope John XXII was known for calling the Second Vatican Council that was instrumental in transforming the Church during his time.

The once in a lifetime ceremony would be held at the St. Peter’s Square and would be spearheaded by Pope Francis. It will set another history when former Pope Benedict XVI, who succeeded Pope John Paul, attends the event. It would be the first time that two living popes would attend an event to canonize two former popes. 

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