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Vatican Knows About Aliens, Emails Warn Of War In Space

Vatican Knows About Aliens, Emails Warn Of War In Space
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Vatican Knows About Aliens, Emails Warn Of War In Space

Documents released by WikiLeaks show former astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s mails to John Podesta talking about WW3 in space and Vatican’s knowledge of alien life.

WW3: Vatican knows about alien life

These mails also said that aliens wanted to help mankind, but they were scared of our violent tendencies.

In one of Mitchell’s mails, there was a mention of Terri Mansfield, who described herself online as “the Director of the ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force.”

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In the mail, Mitchell referred to Mansfield as his “Catholic colleague.” The mail suggested that Mansfield was also attending the meeting with Podesta to talk about the current developments on Vatican’s knowledge of ETI, according to RT.

Mansfield talks about ETI on her website, describing it as the most sophisticated form of intelligence “working directly with God.”

The former astronaut included that he was the 6th man to walk on the moon in his email signature. He cautioned Podesta that the nonviolent ETI are aiding to share zero point energy with Earth.

However, these aliens would not be able to tolerate any sort of military violence on Earth or in space.

WW3: Government must open up regarding alien life

In 2009, Edgar Mitchell said in an interview that the time had come for the government to admit the truth regarding aliens. He also said that aliens have already visited Earth, as mentioned by Morning News USA.

The first email has interesting content. The mail talked about “Disclosure,” which referred to the release of information the U.S. government might hold regarding UFOs.

However, earlier Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stated that she would go all the way to make sure the UFO issue gets sorted out if she is elected president, reported Mirror UK. Earlier, it was reported that the former First Lady would actually release and open up government files that talk about extra terrestrial issues.

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