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Vanessa Marcotte Dead: Suspect Identified By Police

Vanessa Marcotte Dead: Suspect Identified By Police
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Vanessa Marcotte Dead: Suspect Identified By Police

Just a little over a week after young Google executive Vanessa Marcotte was found dead in Massachusetts, police have identified a mysterious man who was spotted at a resort located near the crime scene.

Marcotte is a New York resident who had gone to Massachusetts to visit her mother. On the afternoon of August 9, Marcotte had gone out for a run. And when she didn’t return, her family reported her missing. Marcotte’s body was found by a Massachusetts State Police K-9 later that evening along the same street where her mother lives. Reports are saying she had no clothes on, and there were burns on her hands, feet and head.

Vanessa Marcotte Dead: Victim Fought With Her Killer

According to an update on the case by the Office of Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr., both case evidence and information indicate that there had been a struggle between Marcotte and the suspect. This led them to believed that the assailant they are looking for is a male with visible scrapes, scratches or bruises. Moreover, the injuries would have been fresh earlier in the week.

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It seems police may also have a lead regarding the assailant. According to a report from Daily Mail Online, the Wachusett Mountain Resort had tipped authorities about a possible suspect in Marcotte’s murder.

“A man and woman appeared at the resort around 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and said that they had been in a motorcycle crash, or had somehow come off the motorcycle,” explained David Crowley, the resort’s general manager.

“They claimed that the ambulance driver had told them to go up to the resort because we were open to clean up which seemed odd to my employee who recounted the incident,” he added. The man was also described as having arms that were “all cut and scraped up.” Crowley said police asked them provide footage from their resort.

Police are yet to name the person of interest or suspect in the Vanessa Marcotte murder.

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