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‘Van Helsing’ Season 1 Episode 1: Vanessa Resurrected

‘Van Helsing’ Season 1 Episode 1: Vanessa Resurrected
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‘Van Helsing’ Season 1 Episode 1: Vanessa Resurrected

When it comes to strike up a tune between action, adventure and horror, what can be more compelling than a Vampiric lore. Syfy ventures into the vampire saga with ‘Van Helsing’ that will deal with the blood sucking creatures and a brave vampire hunter to stop them from spreading plague.

The upcoming series is a take on the 2004 Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale starrer ‘Van Helsing’ and premieres on September 23 at 10 p.m. EST. The story revolves around a mysterious dead woman Vanessa, who has been resurrected three years after ‘The Rising.’ The world she has known has now changed and is ruled by vampires. Humanity has almost been wiped off the surface of the earth and Vanessa is not sure where her daughter is, the International Business Times reported.

There are two different types of vampires, the feral and the ancient. The ferals have more animalistic instincts while the ancients feed only on human blood and have lived longer and are less animalistic.

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According to the official synopsis, ‘Van Helsing’ Season 1, episode 1, which has been titled ‘Help Me’ will see Vanessa hiding in an abandoned hospital with other human survivors. When attacked by vampires and treacherous humans, Vanessa discovers she has special powers.

Episode 2, titled ‘Seen You’ and premieres the same day as the first episode, delves back in time to explore the days leading up to ‘The Rising.’ After being left for dead by an intruder, Vanessa is discovered by the Doc, who traces some anomalies in her bloodwork. A group of marines retrieves the body but gets trapped in a hospital as ‘The Rising’ erupts outside the building.

According to a report by the Cinema Blend, the group of marines have watched over Vanessa while she was in coma, but the story begins with only one, Alex, left on duty with the vampirized Doc trapped in a cage. Alex allows a group of survivors into the hospital, shortly before Vanessa wakes up.

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