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‘Vampire’ Attacks Reported In New Zealand

‘Vampire’ Attacks Reported In New Zealand
Vampire-like attacks reported in New Zealand


‘Vampire’ Attacks Reported In New Zealand

The charming olden town of Napier, New Zealand was rattled by three separate incidents involving women biting off their victims’ body parts. In one incident a woman bit a man’s neck and ruptured a vital artery. Another woman bit his victim’s ear. A family altercation in a separate incident ended with one victim gnawed. To attend to three separate violent incidents that involved biting, New Zealand authorities has only one thing to say: “It is a little bit weird.”

At about 1am on Jan. 31, a brawl broke out at Thirsty Whale, a pub in Napier, reported. According to a spokesman for the Hawke’s Bay District Command Center, a woman pounced on a man at the pub. The vampire-like attacker “got the right spot” the spokesman said. The victim bled so hard he had to be taken immediately to a hospital for urgent medical attention. Further investigations revealed that her victim was having a squabble with her brother. In defense of her sibling, she resorted to such brutal attack.

On Jan. 30, the Hawke’s Bay District Command Center also responded to a brawl in a supermarket carpark, reported. The altercation involved three women. In the heat of the fight, one of them bit the other in the ear. While the attacker was not able to bit the ear off, her victim’s ear bled profusely and required immediate medical attention.

A week earlier, an argument between family members ended in similar situation. One relative was bitten by another.

Napier is a coastal city in New Zealand. It is snuggled in the wine-producing region of Hawke’s Bay. The city is rebuilt after a 1931 earthquake. The city prides itself for its “beautifully preserved 1930’s architecture,” according to 100% New Zealand, a tourist website. Given the olden ambiance created by the historic architecture of Napier, vampire-like onslaught in three separate incidents surely bring chill to the spine. The incidents had since been sweeping international news sites like wildfire.

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