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Utah Woman Who Left Babies To Rot Sentenced To Life In Prison

Utah Woman Who Left Babies To Rot Sentenced To Life In Prison
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Utah Woman Who Left Babies To Rot Sentenced To Life In Prison

Utah woman, Megan Huntsman, received the maximum sentence of 5 years to life for each of the six newborn babies she left rotting inside her home garage. Huntsman pleaded guilty to six counts of first degree murder back in February. Her sentencing began Monday at 1 p.m.

Utah woman commits heinous offense

Huntsman admitted not having motherly emotions for each of her babies. She confessed that she strangled and deliberately suffocated them after they were born. She then wrapped them inside small boxes and hid them inside the garage until her ex-husband discovered them in April 2014, according to a report from

Jeff Buhman, Utah Co. District Attorney, described Huntsman as extraordinarily indifferent and a callous murderer.

“With the number of children she killed and the heinousness of this offense, the Board of Pardons has a life sentence, six life sentences to work with. We will be very shocked if she ever gets out,” Buhman said.

Megan Huntsman, a shy and loving mother

Despite Huntsman’s horrific act, her sister and two grown-up daughters described her lovingly. Huntsman is a shy, quiet person who is enduring a bad marriage, according to family members. She may not know how to speak up for herself but nevertheless she is a good mother to her other living children, according to a report from The Associated Press.

“This is not the mom I know. I remember the mom I know, the one that made dinner for us every night, cleaned our house and loved not only her kids but kids in general,” according to one of Huntman’s daughters’ letters that was read in court by her sister.

In court, Buhman revealed other horrific details of Huntsman’s crime.

“She made sure the bathroom, or the bedroom, was cleaned before anyone got home and the baby was wrapped up quickly and thoroughly and stored in the garage before anyone would know,” Buhman told the court.

Megan Huntsman: ‘I’m not strong enough to be their mother’

In a statement, Huntsman said she was overwhelmed by fear of being a mother to the six babies she killed.

“I know I didn’t feel strong enough to be a mother to those tiny babies, and in some small way I wanted to help them avoid the terrible life I would have given them,” Hunstman wrote in a letter read by her lawyer in court.

During the years before the discovery of the rotten remains, Huntsman could smell the decomposing bodies of her babies. However, she never made an effort to move them.


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