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Usher Launches Scholarship Campaign On Social Activism, Will Not Vote For Trump

Usher Launches Scholarship Campaign On Social Activism, Will Not Vote For Trump
UsherSandra Alphonse/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA

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Usher Launches Scholarship Campaign On Social Activism, Will Not Vote For Trump

Usher took his activism to the next level. In January, he launched a scholarship campaign on social activism. Usher’s scholarship will send one fortunate college student to school with $10,000.

Speaking with Mic through the phone, Usher said he never imagined himself as an activist. However, now that he is one, he will do all he can to help the country. “This was very courageous of me to step out, for the reason that activism would have not necessarily been something that I would have done,” he said.

“I do care. I care about our country; I care about where we stand; I care about who we are and I care about empowering our people,” he added.

During the conversation, Usher said people should not be expecting change to come from the government. When it comes to this year’s presidential elections, Usher is not going to get his hopes up with any of the candidates. One thing he is sure, though, is that his vote will not go to Donald Trump.

“I want to make this fact very clear: I will not be voting for Donald Trump. In case that s**t ain’t clear,” he said.

In another news, Usher must be happy that Tidal is doing so well. According to Billboard, the music streaming service owned by Jay Z celebrated their first year anniversary on March 30. Usher along with artists Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and more are said to have contributed to the streaming service’s success. With Beyoncé’s much-talked about “Formation” video and Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo” album solely being streamed in Tidal, the success is not surprising.

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