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Usain Bolt’s Allegedly Secret American Girlfriend: Nailah Dillard Facts And Photos

Usain Bolt’s Allegedly Secret American Girlfriend: Nailah Dillard Facts And Photos
Nailah Dillard Nailah Dillard / Facebook

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Usain Bolt’s Allegedly Secret American Girlfriend: Nailah Dillard Facts And Photos

Nailah Dillard has recently come forward with the story of how she had dated Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt brief in the past, making her his first American girlfriend. There are a lot that people might not know about Nailah.

Amongst the various new escapades that Usain Bolt has been indulging in, ever since the Rio Olympics ended, Nailah Dillard, an aspiring American actress came forward with the shocking news that she wished to share details about her affair with Usain Bolt which took place back in 2013.

What made the news shocking was the fact that Bolt was simultaneously dating his current girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, at the time too!

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However, in the elaborate interview with The Sun, in which Nailah talked in detail about her torrid affair with the fastest man on the planet, she never mentioned anything about herself.

So here are some unknown facts about Nailah Dillard:

Nailah Dillard Facts

  • Nailah is from Cleveland, Ohio, is 27 years old and has her own blog called “”, which is also a travel guide.
  • She is a college dropout.
  • She has run tracks for 14 years of her life.
  • She likes travelling to different parts of the world. Aruba is by far her favorite destinations that she has travelled to.
  • Plyometrics, weights, and cardio are her go-to exercises while working out.
  • Her grandfather, Harrison Dillard, is a 4-time Olympic gold medalist in track and field (no wonder she fell for Bolt!).
  • She is against body enhancements or augmentations. “I personally would never go under the knife. In a perfect world, we would all love ourselves just the way we are, but I’m all for women doing what makes them feel their best, she said in an interview with Galexandra.

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Nailah Dillard Photos

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Go download my mixtape

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Real sisters 👯 Got my lil baby out in LA with me @izmailia

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