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Usain Bolt Sex Scandal: Kasi Bennett Boyfriend Sex Drive And Fetish Reportedly Revealed

Usain Bolt Sex Scandal: Kasi Bennett Boyfriend Sex Drive And Fetish Reportedly Revealed
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Usain Bolt Sex Scandal: Kasi Bennett Boyfriend Sex Drive And Fetish Reportedly Revealed

Usain Bolt not only has had wild one-night stands, he has been dating multiple women simultaneously! Nailah Dillard, Bolt’s first American girlfriend speaks out about her affair with the fastest man on the planet!

When the news of Usain Bolt’s girlfriend, Kasi Bennett made headlines, it seemed like something special, with people on the social media going “awww” and sending them their love and blessings. After couple of dozen one-night stands with random naked girls later, people hardly remember who Kasi Bennett was.

As it turns out, Usain Bolt’s had a second girlfriend, Nailah Dillard, around the same time that Kasi Bennett existed in Bolt’s life and even she was unaware of bolt having another girlfriend. Now that Bolt’s late night escapades are splashed all over the tabloids everywhere, she has decided to speak up.

Usain Bolt Girlfriend

If one was shocked to hear Jady Duarte, the Rio student who spent the night with Bolt during the Rio Olympics, reveal details about Bolt’s manhood and how Bolt liked to listen to Rihanna’s “Work” while doing the deed, the facts stated by Nailah is sure to leave someone speechless.

She spoke to The Sun and told them that Bolt met her at a gala and invited her to join him and his date for a threesome at the time. Nailah had refused and “I thought it was an odd and cheeky thing to ask”.

Nailah Dillard Speaks

However, Bolt doesn’t like to be turned down, or lose for that matter. So he courted her and as a romantic gesture, Bolt took her to a strip club!

However, Nailah was never under the impression that he and she were exclusive. She suspects that Bolt was already dating Kasi Bennett at the time he was dating her, even though she does not have any concrete proof of that fact, reports Mirror.

“We liked each other. We were attracted to each other. He has a high sex drive. I was the first American girl that he ever dated,” she said.

Nailah also says that she understands why Bolt might want to do on a wild spree before he decides to settle down “because he’s the fastest man in the world”. However, she warned him saying, “You are sleeping with all these random women. I hope you’re protecting yourself.”

Nailah Dillard Photos

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A post shared by Nailah (@_naitai) on

A post shared by Nailah (@_naitai) on

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