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Usain Bolt Gold Medals: Jamaican Legend Selling Medals, Donald Trump Interested?

Usain Bolt Gold Medals: Jamaican Legend Selling Medals, Donald Trump Interested?
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Usain Bolt Gold Medals: Jamaican Legend Selling Medals, Donald Trump Interested?

Considering Usain Bolt’s net worth, he is definitely capable of donating large amounts to any charity he wants to help.

However, could it be true that the 30-year-old Jamaican sprinter is selling his Olympic gold medal for charity works?

The champion Olympian has been able to rake in a total of $20 million in earnings as a professional sprinter and competitor of Olympic Games, which he allegedly donated to his Jamaican high school.

The rumor reportedly originated from the website, according to Snopes.

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“Usain Bolt returned to Jamaica after winning gold medals at the Rio Olympics and has donated all the $20 million he earned to his high school William Knibb Memorial in Falmouth, Jamaica,” the report from the said website claimed.

Checking on its veracity, Snopes concluded that it is indeed fake.

“The Guard1an is a fake news site that masquerades as a real news site by using a URL similar to that of a legitimate news publication, in this case the UK newspaper The Guardian,” Snopes said, adding that the two are not even related.

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Meanwhile, came out with another report claiming that Usain Bolt is offering his nine Olympic gold medals during an action happening between Sept. 8 and 10. These Olympic winnings reportedly include the three gold medals he got from the Rio Olympics earlier this month.

“According to him, it has been his long term plan to contribute his quota to the development of sports in Jamaica and believes the time is now,” the site wrote.

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Allegedly, the amount to be raised from the gold medals of Usain Bolt would be used to finance the construction of the 50,000-seater stadium, which could be the largest in the South African country as it needs $36 million to build.

What is even more interesting about the report is the allegation that Donald Trump is keen of buying one of the medals “to show his appreciation to what Usain Bolt has achieved in athletics and also dispel rumors that he is a racist.”

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