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Usain Bolt Net Worth, Reportedly Hands Rio Medals To Nude Girls

Usain Bolt Net Worth, Reportedly Hands Rio Medals To Nude Girls
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Usain Bolt Net Worth, Reportedly Hands Rio Medals To Nude Girls

Usain Bolt apparent has so many spare gold medals that he doesn’t mind giving some away to unknown girls who are willing to strip in front of him.

There is simply no end to Usain Bolt’s partying (and simultaneously cheating) streak. Kasi Bennett, his girlfriend of two years is nowhere to be seen, as Bolt went wild in an Olympics after-party in London.

Bolt hit the Tape nightclub on 23rd August and as he has done so many times before, picked up an array of giggly girls, who were more than willing to accompany the world-renowned Olympic gold medalist back to his hotel room.

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However, this time, Bolt wasn’t alone. He had his group of friends with him. As a sort of a game, Bolt proposed that the girls will be awarded handsomely if they could take off their clothes and flash their assets at the boys present.

Usain Bolt Cheating Girlfriend

Bolt added “show me your boobs and you can feel my gongs”, reports The Sun.

When some of the girls had done so, Bolt looked pleased and made the girls stand as if they were standing on a podium in Rio Olympics.

He then proceeded to award each one of them with the three gold medals that had won in the 2016 Rio Olympics 100 m, 200 m and relay races, reports Hollywood Life!

When one of the girls asked him who had come first in the competition, he said “It’s all gold. There are no losers”. It has not been reported whether Bolt actually got the gold medals back from his escapades or not.

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Usain Bolt Gold Medals

Not that Bolt needs it, though. Celebrity Net Worth has put his current net worth to about $60 million.

And he does not plan to return to his native country anytime soon as he told The Sun that “I am here to sleep in the day, party in the night. London is the best city for me right now.”

Wonder what poor Kasi Bennett has to say about Bolt’s chain of infidelity!

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