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Usain Bolt Reportedly Secretly Married To Jady Duarte: Evidence, Photos, Facts!

Usain Bolt Reportedly Secretly Married To Jady Duarte: Evidence, Photos, Facts!
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Usain Bolt Reportedly Secretly Married To Jady Duarte: Evidence, Photos, Facts!

Usain Bolt’s chain of scandals continues with Jady Duarte, a Rio student he recently got intimate with. But did he end up marrying her secretly?

There is no telling what Usain Bolt might do next. One moment it is rumored that he is dating former Miss Jamaica, next, he is engaged to fashionista Kasi Bennett and now he is may be married to Rio student, Jady Duarte?

An array of photos emerged recently which shows a bare bodied Usain bolt enjoying himself in bed with a blue eyed brunette wearing a white tank top.

The mystery girl has been identified as Jady Duarte, a Rio student.

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Usain Bolt Girlfriend

Apparently, this development took place while Bolt was celebrating his 30th birthday at a Rio night-club. He spotted Jady having a good time with her friends in the club and sent some of his bodyguards to fetch her.

Bolt ended up spending the night with Jady and she was sure to let the world know about it by clicking several pictures with Bolt in bed and post it all over social media.

“It was not a big deal. It was normal, he is not as first in bed though.. I’d rather not talk about it to complicate matters further. Like I said, it was normal,” said Jady, reports Headlines-News.

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Usain Bolt Married

Jady also posted a picture of a 100 Euro note presumably given to her by Bolt. While all of these points to Jady Duarte being just a one night stand, something else points to her being more than that.

Even though Jady later stated that “I never wanted to be famous, I’m dying of shame”, clearly regretting her decision to post those pictures, her Facebook profile name now reads “Jady Duarte (Bolt)”.

Did she deliberately add a Facebook profile nickname in order to attract even more attention than she already is or did Bolt get secretly hitched to the Rio student overnight?

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Bolt and Jady Duarte are also following each other on Instagram!

This could mean trouble for Bolt as he was soon to get engaged to Kasi Bennett, his girlfriend of 2 years. Bolt’s sister had stated that he was never as serious about any of his girlfriends as he was about Kasi Bennett, reports Apparently, that is not the case anymore!

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