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US: ‘Unprofessional Russia’ Will Pay The Price

US: ‘Unprofessional Russia’ Will Pay The Price
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US: ‘Unprofessional Russia’ Will Pay The Price

Four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria landed in Iran, unnamed US officials confirm. The US has warned Russia for its “unprofessional behavior”

It was an impressive display of firepower by the Russian Defense Ministry, and made for great TV visuals, as 26 cruise missiles headed to ISIS-occupied Syria on Wednesday. But we now know that four of them never made it. Instead, they crashed into northwestern parts of Iran, according to U.S. officials.

Was this attack on Iran accidental or motivated? U.S. officials have said that it was unclear if the Russian missiles caused any damage or casualties as they crashed in Iranian territory.

Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations, claiming all missiles fired at Syria had reached their targets.

Ashton Carter, U.S. defense secretary, laid down the ultimatum for Russia. “We’ve seen increasing unprofessional behavior from Russian forces. They violated Turkish Airspace, which as all of us made clear earlier this week, is NATO airspace. They’ve shot cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea without any warnings,” Carter said in a strong statement on Wednesday.

Carter went on to question Russia’s intentions. “They’ve initiated a joint ground offensive with Syrian Regime, shattering the façade that they are there to fight IS-IL. This will have consequences for Russia itself, which is rightfully fearful of attack on Russia. And I also expect that in the coming days, Russia will begin to suffer casualties in Syria.”

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According to a CNN report, there have been signs that Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies are preparing to counter the Russian attack. The report also claims that John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, had a 30-minute phone call with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, to express the U.S’s concerns.

Regional press reports on Wednesday mentioned that an “unidentified flying object” had crashed near the town of Takab close to the border with Iraq. A report in Oyan News cited the governor of Takab describing the crash of a “drone” near the village of Qiz Qapan in the morning hours.

Images posted by Oyan News on Thursday in several structures in the village which matched initial descriptions provided by witnesses.

If Oyan News’ report is confirmed true, Russia will have a lot of explaining to do in the coming days.

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