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US Supreme Court Divided On Same Sex Marriages

US Supreme Court Divided On Same Sex Marriages
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US Supreme Court Divided On Same Sex Marriages

Hearing arguments regarding whether same sex marriages should be legalized in the United States, the Supreme Court held divided opinions on the notion on Tuesday. If justices rule in favor, gay marriages would be legalized across the country.

While the justices heard the arguments inside the courtroom in Washington D.C., protestors from both sides of the debate demonstrated and rallied outside the gates.

According to Justice Ruth Ginsburg, giving gay and lesbian couples constitutional right to marry would be a “change in the institution of marriage,” a change that four liberal justices seemed in favor of.

However, Justice John Roberts, who led the conservatives, emphasized how this could bring about a radical transformation in what is an age-old tradition.

“You’re seeking to change what the institution is,” he said, according to Yahoo News.

“If you prevail, there will be no debate, closing the case is closing the debate.”

Justice Anthony Kennedy considered both sides of the debate, saying that deeming gay marriage constitutional would change the idea of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but also that “same sex marriage can’t have a more noble purpose.”

“‘We can’t procreate but… we too have a dignity that we want to fulfill,’” he said.

Justice Kennedy’s vote will be the decider in what could be a 5-4 count in favor of the side he elects.

During the hearing, an individual began shouting to express his remonstration against same sex marriages. Despite being inarticulate because of his loudness, one of his comments was, “The Bible teaches that if you support gay marriage you will burn in hell for eternity.”

Jonathan Karl, the ABC News chief White House correspondent, said that the man was taken out of the courtroom, though he continued voicing his opposition.

Attorney Tejinder Singh, writing for Scotusblog, said that it would not affect the decision of the justices.

“I’ll put it this way: I can’t imagine any of the justices who favor same sex marriage being dissuaded by the gentleman’s suggestion that they will burn in hell,” Singh wrote.

According to the survey conducted by Wall Street/NBC News, 59 percent people had shown support for same sex marriages. In 2004, merely 30 percent were in favor of the notion.


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