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US, Russia War Of Words Is Unstoppable

US, Russia War Of Words Is Unstoppable
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US, Russia War Of Words Is Unstoppable

The United States and Russia cannot seem to agree on what best to do in Syria as both sides express their distrust over certain concerns with one another. Recently, US Senator John McCain slammed Russia while Moscow accuses Western media of making up stories that paint the country in a bad light.

Influential Irish journalist Bryan MacDonald calls out on the double-standards that happen between Russia and the US. “When Western media makes up stories about Russia, it’s no big deal. When Russian media get things wrong, it’s ‘Hybrid Warfare,” wrote MacDonald under RT. The idea came after British state-controlled TV released a documentary directing people’s attention to the Russian invasion of Latvia. Whereas there wasn’t much reaction on the parts of the Latvians, there were certainly concerns on the part showing UK experiencing a nuclear attack. French documentary film Les Masques de la Revolution was also brought to light showing the impact of neo-Nazi groups Maidan Protests in Ukraine. While there were no Russian roles in the film, it has been labeled with spreading “Russian propaganda,” according to Sputnik. “Thus, we again discover that the Western establishment believes it has a monopoly on truth. That only its narrative is worthy and anything that challenges the consensus is “disinformation,” added MacDonald.

The accusations of disinformation and slanted journalism come at a time when Senator McCain has also slammed Russia for its role in the Syrian crisis. The senator said that the country is treating Syria as experimental ground to extend its influence in the Middle. “Mr. Putin is not interested in being our partner,” CNN quoted McCain. “He wants to re-establish Russia as a major power in the Middle East. He wants to use Syria as a live-fire exercise for Russia’s modernizing military, he wants to turn Latakia province into a military outpost from which to harden and enforce a Russian sphere of influence — a new Kaliningrad, or Crimea — and he wants to exacerbate the refugee crisis and use it as a weapon to divide the trans-Atlantic alliance and undermine the European project,” he further alleged.

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