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US, Russia Alliance Is Forthcoming; America Turning Its Back From Turkey – Report

US, Russia Alliance Is Forthcoming; America Turning Its Back From Turkey – Report
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US, Russia Alliance Is Forthcoming; America Turning Its Back From Turkey – Report

Turkey is not happy with Russia and its supported-militia in Syria. Kurdish fighters continue to advance in Syria, warning Turkey that any moves can lead to war.  Turkey’s agitation over the Kurdish militia not only threatens relations with Russia but also with other NATO allies, including the United States.

Turkey is risking a dangerous Kurdish political conflict as it seeks to make a move in Syria while also expressing fury over the car bombing attack in Ankara.  PKK’s Syrian affiliate Party for Democratic Unity (PYD) and the PYD’s military wing, People’s Protection Forces (YPG), have been accused of bombing Ankara.

Turkey has already started shelling PYD-held territory in Syria, according to CNN. Furthermore, the report also said that should PYD be really behind the attack then this could mean the Kurds are already making a move in Turkey.

The US views both PYD and YPG as their important allies in its fight against the ISIS as noted by CNN. Russia also promised protection for the Kurdish fighters which puts it in a more conflicting position against Ankara. While Turkey threatened Russia that it will hold the country responsible, Moscow denied having any connections. Turkey’s threat, however, did not rest well with the Kurds.

Now that Turkey is now shelling the PYD, situation turns all the more complicated. Turkey is a strong US ally. But with this turn of event, the relations between the two nations will be gravely affected. PYD on the other hand could eventually declare full alliance to Russia to strengthen its forces against Turkey’s bombing. Observers are saying that it might not be for long before US and Russia settle their friction to support PYD and champion the fight against the ISIS. This would left Turkey alone. Furthermore, Turkey’s alliance with NATO could no longer be guaranteed if US turn its back from Ankara. US is a stronger ally to NATO than Turkey.

“We take this threat very seriously because the ruling party in Turkey is a party of war,” Bloomberg quoted Rodi Osman, head of the Syrian Kurds’ newly-opened representative office. “Russia will respond if there is an invasion. This isn’t only about the Kurds, they will defend the territorial sovereignty of Syria,” he added.

The United States did say previously that it does not believe that there is a direct cooperation between Moscow and the Kurds. So far, the latter has been linked to taking advantage of Moscow’s airstrikes. “Now this is the YPG’s dilemma: Will it continue with America or Russia? The consequences of this strategic choice will influence Syria’s future, as well as the ongoing clashes in Turkey,” Reuters quoted Metin Gurcan, an independent security analyst and retired Turkish military officer.

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