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Nuclear War Still On! US’ Ploy Dissected By War Activist

Nuclear War Still On! US’ Ploy Dissected By War Activist
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Nuclear War Still On! US’ Ploy Dissected By War Activist

United States officials previously called Russia and China as threats to the West’s national security and varied interests. The continued perception that both countries are a threat may have promoted the US to develop plans to launch a nuclear “first strike” on them. Will it things escalate to a nuclear war?

American anti-war activist and journalist, Bruce Gagnon, claimed that Washington’s proposed THAAD missile deployment in South China is in line with its plans to launch attacks on Russia or China. Gagnon, who is the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, made the controversial statement following confirmation from US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter that the US will go ahead with its plans to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea even with China’s opposition.

“US Secretary of War Ashton Carter claims that the THAAD deployment in South Korea has nothing to do with China, but in fact he is lying trough his teeth. It has everything to do with China. North Korea is not a threat,” Gagnon told Press TV in an interview.

“In fact missile launched from North Korea into South Korea would not gain enough altitude for the THAAD system to work. So, in fact, it’s a sleight of hand, it’s a magician’s trick to claim that this is about North Korea,” he added.

The US and South Korea have started discussing the plans in the previous month in light of the threat from North Korea’s missiles. Gagnon further added that North Korea’s space technology is not that huge but the United States has been using the country as a justification for deploying the missile defense systems. The United States call countries as such including Iran as threats as a means to support their military moves.

“Missile defense really is a key element in US first strike attack planning,” Gagnon explained.

“The idea is that when you launch a first strike attack on Russia or China, they then try to fire their remaining retaliatory strike, after the US hit their nuclear systems, and it is then when the so-called missile defense system would be used to pick of that retaliatory strike.”

As if deploying the defense missile system is not enough, the US is also reportedly hoping to deter Russian and Chinese aggression with the launch of its Sea Hunter – a new unmanned warship  that can detect and track enemy submarines.

According to Sputnik, Pentagon sees the new ship as a tool to enforce American global maritime dominance. The warship is the brainchild of the joint cooperation between the Office of Naval Research and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). According to reports, the Sea Hunter was called the “ghost ship” because it can supposedly operate under remote control devoid of human assistance. Additionally, the warship is a 40-meter-long diesel-generated vessel that can operate on sea for months. It can also reportedly function within breaching international maritime law.

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