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US Ready For North Korea

US Ready For North Korea
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US Ready For North Korea

Tensions between North Korea and the United States continues to heat up, especially after a paradigm-changing missile was tested by the country. Both the United States and China have been split over how to deal with the country, with the US in particular attempting to show off their military muscle. Apparently, this is the strongest range of their missile tests yet, with the US saying that they’re also planning missile tests to counter what North Korea is doing.

CNN has reported on the fact that China and Russia are trying to talk North Korea down, asking them to stop the missile tests. In return, the US and South Korea will hold off on joint military drills, though the US hasn’t agreed to this stipulation. “It is very important to push forward our joint initiative on settling the Korean problem with a view of immediately freezing the ballistic missile strikes and also dealing with the US deployment of weapons in South Korea,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Seems like the US isn’t backing down from North Korea, issuing a join statement with South Korea: “(The drills) showcased precision targeting of the enemy’s leadership in case of an emergency,” a South Korean Defense Ministry statement said.

Rex Tillersen, the US Secretary of State has this to say: “As we, along with others, have made clear, we will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea.”

Joe Cirincione, the president of Plowshare Fund, also doesn’t want the country to have nuclear weapons. “There is no military option here. Even a limited military strike could escalate to a major war … (We should) have talks about talks with no preconditions. This is what China and Russia and South Korea and Japan are urging us to do.”

John Delury, an associate professor at the Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies in Seoul, said “If Donald Trump and Moon Jae-in (want to talk to North Korea), the last avenue of approach that they should use is via Beijing.”

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