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US Presidential Candidates As Anime Characters

US Presidential Candidates As Anime Characters


US Presidential Candidates As Anime Characters

With only five remaining US Presidential candidates for this year’s elections, let’s take a look at them individually in a different perspective and this time, as anime characters.

Hillary Clinton as Izumi Curtis of FMA: Brotherhood

Being the rose among the thorns could be an advantage for Clinton in her presidential bid, but this could also pose a threat to her journey to the White House. Just like Izumi Curtis of the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Clinton is an ordinary housewife, at least that’s what she was trying to portray in many of her interviews. Both Izumi and Clinton are housewives who posses an extraordinary powers.

Izumi is a remarkable alchemist who, in her desire to bring her child back to life, performed the taboo for alchemists. She is one of the mentors of the main characters, the Elric brothers. Despite remarkable talent, Izumi prefers to be addressed as a housewife rather than an alchemist.

Hilary izumi curtisAs for Clinton, in her previous interviews, she asserts that she’s just like the millions of American women who do things that an ordinary woman does. Just like Izumi, who didn’t let her child’s death ruin her life, Clinton’s failed attempts for the presidency did not hinder her to give it a shot again. Should Clinton win in this year’s elections, she’ll become the first female president of the United States.

Donald Trump as Light Yagami of Death Note

Donald light yagamiTo those who haven’t watched the Death Note, it’s a story of a brilliant high school student, Light Yagami, who discovered a magical notebook from a Shinigami, a fictional Japanese mythical character often called as the god of death. With the notebook, Light can have anyone killed only by writing the person’s name onto the book while imagining the person’s face.

While Light’s intention with the notebook at first was good, which is to eliminate the criminals in the world, this power consumed him. Trump, on the other hand, has a lot of good intentions for the country, but his methods and ideologies are a little bit odd. In the end, Light’s blind ideologies and vision of building a better world, at the expense of killing people, got the best of him.

As early as now, Trump’s pronouncements on certain issues draw criticisms not only among Americans, but even the whole world. For example, Trump earlier said that as soon as he got elected as president, he would ban the entry of Muslims in the US until authorities can figure out what’s happening. This, along with his racist, anti-feminist, and insensitive statements are among the major criticisms that his detractors are throwing at him.

Bernie Sanders as Edward Newgate of One Piece

bernie edward newgate

Sanders is another frontrunner for this year’s US presidential election vying for the Democrats’ nomination along with Clinton. Although at the age of 74, Sanders is the oldest presidential aspirant for this year’s election. Sander’s compassion as a politician and some of his salient stances on moral issue makes him a human version of Edward Newgate from One Piece.

One of the things that Sanders has been pointing out as a presidential aspirant is his intention to bridge the gap between the disparity of income and wealth, the CBC reported. He’s also keen in upholding rights of ordinary and working citizens while highlighting other key issues in American society today in his presidential campaign.

Just like Sanders, Edward is a 70+ man, but is considered as one of the strongest man in the fictional world. One of the things that separate Edward from other characters in One Piece is his unwavering moral values, especially when he declared war with the World Government in a bid to rescue their ally.

Cruz and Kasich as Mugen-Jin Duo from Samurai Champloo

mugen-jin duo

Other presidential contenders who are vying for the Republicans’ nomination are Ted Cruz and John Kasich, who can be compared to popular Samurai Champloo duo Mugen and Jin. It’s a known fact that Trump’s controversial statements draw the ire of the world, which makes any of the two, Cruz and Kasich, an alternative candidate for Republicans who don’t want to see Trump in the White House.

Mugen is a hot-tempered samurai who doesn’t back out when provoked, which is a character he share with Cruz, who recently traded barbs with Trump over wife issue. Jin, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Mugen in terms of temperament, which makes him the perfect anime version of Kasich who is known as a less aggressive. In fact, in a recent interview, he now considered himself as someone who “mellowed a little bit” as reported by the New York Times. But it appears there’s only one alternative left for the Republicans as Cruz just recently bowed out of the presidential race.

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