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US Monitoring New Russian Military Arsenal Moving To Ukraine

US Monitoring New Russian Military Arsenal Moving To Ukraine
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US Monitoring New Russian Military Arsenal Moving To Ukraine

A new line of Russian military arsenal is moving toward Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine, US Department of State said. The Department is now closely monitoring the armory, Jen Psaki, a Department spokesperson said.

Image from by Jacob Valerio

Image from by Jacob Valerio

Ukraine is a Grave Concern

The US is said to be gravely concerned by the worsening crisis in eastern Ukraine with the Organization for Security and Cooperation or OSCE Special Monitoring Mission confirming that aggression perseveres in Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk and Donetsky City.

The Government of Ukraine has also reported being fired on 129 times round the clock. The Russia-backed separatists have already killed 5, wounded 25 and have attacked a convoy transporting the wounded to a safer location. Hence, the OSCE monitors are at security risk as they attempt to enter the region.

The separatists have publicly expressed their neglect of the cease fire. “These aggressive actions and statements by the Russia-backed separatists threaten the most recent cease-fire and jeopardize the planned withdrawal of heavy weapons, as called for in the February 12 Minsk packet of implementing measures,” Psaki said in a statement.

The US is now calling on Russia and the separatists to stop its aggression immediately, Psaki said. Russia should also work together with the OSCE monitors to enforce the cease-fire and follow the agreement penned on Feb 12, as well as the Sept 5 and 19 Minsk agreements, Psaki highlighted in the statement.

Ukraine Way Passed Deadline

Meanwhile, rebel defense minister Vladimir Kononow said his men will only withdraw heavy weapons from the front line if it becomes obvious that the Ukrainian forces is also willing to do the same. Until then, the rebels said they have no sound reason to withdraw their weapons from the battlefield. However, the separatists said they have told the Ukrainian forces that they will be allowed to leave in peace if they decided to withdraw first.

Ukrainian government forces have also refused to withdraw their military weapons way passed the set deadline on Monday, BBC reported.

The Ukrainian government said that until rebels withdraw from Debaltseve, they are not pulling their forces off the region.


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