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US Military Power On The Brink Of Collapse – Report

US Military Power On The Brink Of Collapse – Report


US Military Power On The Brink Of Collapse – Report

The United States has always been known as one of the most advanced nations when it comes to aircraft carriers’ security, but that reputation might come to a close end, a new report shows.

With other nations also beefing up their security forces, such as China, Russia, and Iran, the United States’ aircraft carriers, on the other hand, are somewhat on the loosing end. According to a recently released report by a national security think tank Center for a New American Security, the US Navy’s security is facing a serious threat and that its untouchable image is on the brink of collapse. The report notes that the aircrafts of the United States are facing threats abroad that the government should not ignore.

The report, which was called “Red Alert: The Growing Threat to U.S. Aircraft Carriers,” has emphasized the possible effects that China’s flexing of muscles in its warfare readiness on US’ defense capabilities. “No longer will aircraft carriers and their associated air wings be able to operate with impunity. Instead, they will face a dense and growing threat across their full range of operations as A2/AD systems continue to proliferate,” the CNAS reports.

The 16-page report adds that the US’ continued operation abroad, especially in the Pacific means risking its multi billion dollar assets to a heightened threat should a conflict ensues. The current A2/D2 system, which is a warfare concept that’s put in place to ward off the enemies to a maximum distance, remained relatively unchanged. However, with the current developments, most A2/D2 systems, especially China’s, are geared to counter US operations.

Based on a separate report published by the Washington Post, some countries are now beefing up their own A2/D2 capabilities, which are more sophisticated and advanced. While this is happening, the US is putting itself in a disadvantageous position by its continued operation. The Washington Post, however, reports that the US is likely to use other strategies in a bid to deter threats from the enemies, such as system hacking.

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