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US Military Faltering As Russia Develops Lethal Submarine

US Military Faltering As Russia Develops Lethal Submarine


US Military Faltering As Russia Develops Lethal Submarine

The United States may be facing a bigger threat in its defense as Russia state-run media released an analysis saying that it will crumble. More importantly, superpowers like China and Russia are not letting up on their efforts as the latter has reportedly been working on a new Kalina-class diesel-electric submarine. Will Washington’s defense finally fail?

Several reports have sprung up about United States officials emphasizing rising military threats across the globe in light of defending military defense spending. Top military officials revealed previously that there is a need to develop technologies and train troops in order to deter threats from countries like Russia and China. This time, it appears that these rising concerns from other parts of globe are not the only thing that America needs to be worried about. It also needs to think about how its economy can affect the future of military defense, as reported by WND.

“The American military might is certain to last while the money is there for the borrowing. But when the world stops lending, all bets are off,” wrote political scientist Ivan Zadorozhny previously in an article under Sputnik.

The Middle East Media Research Institute also echoed this concern saying:

“For example, if there is a capital flight from the U.S. in the event of war with Russia, to which country will the capital and assets move?” MEMRI said. “If the dollar collapses, what is the currency in which foreign trade will be conducted – wouldn’t the euro collapse as well? Furthermore, the Russian economy is in recession, and the ruble has plummeted; with the current global oil surplus, wouldn’t pressure on the price of oil be even greater if there is war? And what are Russia’s alternative sources of foreign exchange?,” it continued.

US needs to reconcile its budgetary woes as countries like Russia continue to spend and work on their military capabilities. According to National Interest, Russia will begin the construction of a new lethal Kalina-class diesel-electric submarine following the completion of two Lada-class vessels. “The two Lada-class Project 677 submarines will be delivered as scheduled — in 2018 and 2019,” RIA Novosti quoted a spokesman for United Shipbuilding Corporation. “Then the construction of the new non-nuclear Kalina-class submarines will be launched,” the spokesman added.

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