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US-led Coalition Strikes Syria, Kills 32 IS Fighters

US-led Coalition Strikes Syria, Kills 32 IS Fighters
Air strikes in Syria [Image 4 of 6] DVIDSHUB / Flickr CC BY 2.0


US-led Coalition Strikes Syria, Kills 32 IS Fighters

At least 32 IS fighters were killed in around 15 U.S.-led coalition strikes in Syria. Around 40 fighters were wounded in the strikes.

U.S.-led coalition raids in Syria have killed at least 32 IS group fighters on Sunday.

The findings were made by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor, which said that 15 strikes had hit the Raqa province in northern Syria. Rami Abdel Rahman, the monitor’s head, said that at least 40 fighters were injured in the raids that struck the headquarters and bases of the group in the north, east and southeast of provincial capital Raqa city, as reported by Yahoo News.

Meanwhile, the UK joined the coalition to launch strikes against the group in Syria after it received a vote in the parliament earlier this month, BBC reports. France has intensified its attacks in Syria after the Paris attacks in November that killed 129 people.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad criticized the UK attacks in Syria, describing them as “illegal,” adding that the strikes could spread “terrorism.” He further added, “It will be harmful and illegal and it will support terrorism as happened after the coalition started its operation a year or so (ago).”

He described terror as a cancer which required a “comprehensive” strategy, involving working with ground troops, in order to be combated. “You cannot cut out part of the cancer. You have to extract it. This kind of operation is like cutting out part of the cancer. That will make it spread in the body faster. You cannot defeat (IS) through air strikes alone. You cannot defeat them without cooperation with forces on the ground. You cannot defeat them if you do not have buy-in from the general public and the government. They are going to fail again.”

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