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US-Israel Relations Getting As Cold As ‘Obama Coffee’

US-Israel Relations Getting As Cold As ‘Obama Coffee’
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US-Israel Relations Getting As Cold As ‘Obama Coffee’

Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, the wife of Israel’s interior minister, is under fire for a racist joke she tweeted of U.S. President Barack Obama. She compares him to a coffee that is “black and weak.”

Her remark comes in the wake of the controversial Iran nuclear deal that is becoming vague nearing deadline. Israel is dubious that the agreement with Iran, sought by Mr Obama and other world powers, can guarantee Tehran will not obtain a nuclear bomb. Further so, the deal cannot guarantee that Tehran will be stop from arming Hezbollah in its war against Israel.

Obama Coffee

Niz Mozes drew backlash when she tweeted: “Do u know what Obama Coffee is? Black and Weak.”

According to the Jerusalem Post which first reported the controversial tweet, many of Mozes Twitter followers were critical of her tweet.

One of her follower tweeted: “no doubt racism has no connection to brains.”

Another tweeted in Hebrew: “Have you gone mad? You’d better erase this…frighteningly racist.”

Mozes has since deleted the tweet and posted her apologies for Mr Obama.

She was obviously reprimanded by her husband as implied by one of her tweet.

The weakening Iran nuclear deal

Observers were quick to point out that Mozes’s “joke” was sparked by the Iran nuclear deal getting vaguer as the June 30 deadline looms. There are speculations that the deal sought by Mr Obama together with the world powers is not enough of a guarantee that Iran will be stop from its dangerous nuclear program.

On Sunday, France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said it is still unclear whether an international deal could be reached come the June 30 deadlines.

“We need to be extremely firm, at the stage where we are now, things are still not clear,” Fabius said as reported by Reuters.

The final round of talks will begin later in the week.

On Friday, Department of State spokesperson John Kirby refused to give details on the current circumstances surrounding the Iran nuclear deal. There are speculations that the deal to be presented on June 30 only includes as far as set of parameters in accessing Iran’s nuclear program of which is subjected to another round of negotiations.

“I’m certainly not going to talk about the issues that are still under negotiation. I think I’ve made it clear, though – they’ve made it clear in Lausanne that the IAEA will need to have the access it needs to resolve the issues of possible military dimensions of Iran’s program. And without the parameters for that sort of access, there’s not going to be a deal. And we’ve said that no deal is better than a bad deal,” Kirby told press.


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