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Fears Of Nuclear War Resurface As US, Russia Attack Each Other

Fears Of Nuclear War Resurface As US, Russia Attack Each Other
Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama President of Russia / Official Website CC by 4.0


Fears Of Nuclear War Resurface As US, Russia Attack Each Other

It’s a battle of words between the United States and Russia as both countries accuse each other of sabotaging the initiative to reduce nuclear weapons across the globe. In a recent statement from Moscow, the country accused the United States of being responsible for the standstill in relation to nuclear disarmament progress. Does Washington have a different agenda?

“The United States used the events in Ukraine and Crimea as a pretext to freeze all working channels of cooperation with Russia,” a spokesman from the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The statement from Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova comes at a time when the United States just recently accused Russia of increasing its nuclear arsenal instead of reducing it despite the treaty. Washington also condemned the country for deploying more warheads than ideal. However, Russia is not backing down from the accusations.

“Russia’s fundamental stance is well-known to the US partners, who, incidentally are very selective in their approach to arms control issues,” TASS quoted Zakharova.

“For instance, they block the conclusion of an international treaty that would prevent weapons from being put in space. They have not ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Tests Ban Treaty to this day and in violation of the Nuclear Arms Non-Proliferation Treaty they have been carrying out joint nuclear missions with some non-nuclear countries of NATO,” she explained.

Furthermore, she said that relations between the two countries suffered because US has been resulting to deliberate destructive actions, blaming Russian aggression in the process.

“All this is accompanied by growing anti-Russian rhetoric,” the official noted.

US President Barack Obama recently took a jab at Russian President Vladimir Putin when he did not attend the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in the previous week.

“Because of the vision that he’s been pursuing of emphasizing military might,” TIME quoted Obama as he spoke to reporters, “we have not seen the type of progress that I would have hoped for with Russia.” Furthermore, Russia’s failure to attend the summit supposedly counted as another sign that it is not willing to reduce its arms.

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