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US Elections: North Korea Rejects Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Calls Him A ‘Bully,’ & More

US Elections: North Korea Rejects Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Calls Him A ‘Bully,’ & More
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US Elections: North Korea Rejects Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Calls Him A ‘Bully,’ & More

North Korea rejects Donald Trump’s proposal to have a meeting. The remaining GOP presidential candidate has been saying how he’s willing to talk to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in order to try to put a stop to Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

In response, North Korea‘s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva So Se Pyong told Reuters, “It is up to the decision of my Supreme Leader whether he decides to meet or not, but I think his (Trump’s) idea or talk is nonsense.”

Hillary Clinton calls Trump a “bully” who can threaten the U.S. economy. While delivering a speech at the annual convention of the Service Employees International Union on Monday, Clinton warned that Trump “could bankrupt America like he’s bankrupted his companies.”

At the same time, NBC News reports that the Democratic presidential candidate also took the opportunity to slam Trump when it comes to issues of wages, paid family leave and even, immigration. In the end, Clinton promised, “We are going to unify the Democratic Party and stop Donald Trump!”

Clinton says Trump didn’t pay his taxes. The Democratic presidential candidate’s camp said that Trump “paid zero dollars in federal income taxes” at least twice. At the same time, the remaining Republican presidential candidate reportedly made $150,000 from a program that was meant to provide assistance to small businesses that were affected during 9/11.

Moreover, when Trump was asked about his tax rate last week. Clinton’s camp said that Trump simply answered, “None of your business.”

New poll shows Bernie Sanders beats Trump by as much as 10.8 points. A new poll done by Huffington Post showed that the Vermont senator can beat Trump in the general elections by as much as 10.2 points. In contrast, Clinton’s lead over Trump has already gone down to a slim 1.6 points.

Bernie Sanders blasts U.S. bailout of Puerto Rico. Sanders believes that the Obama administration’s decision to restructure Puerto Rico’s $70 billion debt would simply make “a terrible situation even worse” as it would only further give power to an “unelected and undemocratic oversight board.”

Fortune reports this move would mean that the governor of Puerto Rico will be able to bring down the minimum wage to $4.25 for five years. Sanders expressed his views in a letter to the Senate. He wrote, “We must stop treating Puerto Rico like a colony and start treating the American citizens of Puerto Rico with the respect and dignity that they deserve.”

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