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US Elections 2016 Predictions: The Next President Is…

US Elections 2016 Predictions: The Next President Is…
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US Elections 2016 Predictions: The Next President Is…

The year is ending in less than a week and the United States will welcome a new president come November 2016.

The year is ending in less than a week and the United States will welcome a new president after the US Elections 2016. If predictions from various analysts are anything to go by, it looks like former secretary Hillary Clinton will win hands down.

Tod Satterthwaite, former Urbana Mayor, thinks that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. The former first lady will continue to keep her wide lead over Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, he said. “I think she’ll have over two-thirds of the delegates in her camp before the convention,” he said further. As to why a Democrat would be a better leader than a Republican, he had this to say: “If the everyday worker is to have a real chance in today’s economy, wages and salaries need to go up, and Democrats will handle this issue much better than the Republicans.”

Dan White, Moody’s election analyst, said political variables are showing toward a Republican win but the Democratic advantage among economic variable counteracts that strength. Moody is a leading economic analysis firm.

White noted that when electoral college votes are weighed in, the Democrat wins by a greater margin. He based his prediction on results showed by Moody’s Analytics model. This system matches party against party instead of candidate against candidate. Based on a November data used for the model, the electoral college will finish with 326 votes for the Democrats with only 212 for the Republican. “On the margins, where this election will ultimately be won, the economics appear to matter more based on the current forecast, and the model predicts a win for the Democratic ticket in 2016,” White noted.

Data as of Dec. 23 from Predictwise also show Clinton winning the nomination. Based on numbers retrieved from various election polls, the predicts Clinton will win the U.S. Elections for 2016.

Donald Trump has been leading in various elections polls conducted recently. What happens then to the controversial Republican presidential candidate? “When Republican voters actually show up at caucuses and polling booths, they will get serious about servant leadership and not entertaining showmanship. Trump is a charlatan and will not prevail,” according to Joan Dykstra, a Savoy Trustee. also found that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the Republican with the best chance of defeating Clinton. Nevertheless, data showed that he only has a 15 percent chance of winning the presidency compared to 57 percent for Clinton.

On the other hand, Conrad Black believes it still would be a Republican win. Writing for the National Review, he thinks that Clinton might stand a chance against Trump, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie but will lose to Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Conrad noted that while Clinton will beat Sanders for the nomination, she would be walking in the shadows of a failed Democratic leader that is President Barack Obama. “Hillary Clinton will not separate herself so easily from the Obama record, about the national debt that Obama has doubled in eight years,” Conrad wrote. It did not help that the former secretary of state made a speech in support of Mr. Obama’s claim that terrorism had been almost eradicated, Conrad noted.

Conrad stressed that Clinton made a significant mistake when she described Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as a reformer; but that he eventually (allegedly) used chlorine gas against the Syrian people. Not to mention that she was not a particularly accomplished secretary of state during her time, he noted.

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