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US Elections 2016 News: Zika Virus Bill Pushed By Hillary Clinton ASAP

US Elections 2016 News: Zika Virus Bill Pushed By Hillary Clinton ASAP
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US Elections 2016 News: Zika Virus Bill Pushed By Hillary Clinton ASAP

On Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton insisted the Congress to pass the Zika virus bill without delay.

Clinton asked Congress to curtail its summer recess and return to the Capitol to implement emergency funding to combat the virus. According to Reuters, lawmakers must approve the $1.1 billion bipartisan bill for the mosquito-borne virus or show up with a compromise.

The emergency funding arrived, while at least 21 cases of local virus transmission is being dealt with by the state of Florida. It became the first state to report a local transmission through a mosquito bite in the continental United States.

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However, health officials are not expecting more outbreaks, specifically in southern U.S. states, which are prone to mosquito-borne diseases. Clinton gave a speech at the Borinquen Medical Center, a health clinic located near Miami where Zika-carrying mosquitoes are present.

Clinton took the chance to explain the significance of health clinics and appropriate public health measures. According to her, the U.S. should have the finest public health standard in the world.

“I am very disappointed that the Congress went on recess before actually agreeing what they would do to put the resources into this fight,” Clinton said. “If we pass this critical funding we can develop rapid diagnostic testing and even begin the hard work of developing a vaccine.”

It was reported by the U.S. News that health officials have been asking for funding, which is urgently required so they can continue the vaccine development process to keep mosquitoes away. The emergency funding would also require the administration to take the unused money from President Barack Obama‘s signature healthcare law to help fight Zika.

It has been reported previously that President Barack Obama asked the Republican-led Congress in the beginning to pass $1.9 billion in emergency funds for Zika virus.

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