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US Elections 2016: ‘King Of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian Launches Presidential Campaign

US Elections 2016: ‘King Of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian Launches Presidential Campaign
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US Elections 2016: ‘King Of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian Launches Presidential Campaign

Millionaire and social media star – also, the “King of Instagram” – Dan Bilzerian recently released his first promotional video for his 2016 presidential candidacy.

The self-styled “sexual philanthropist” might not have said much about his political beliefs in the video, but it was enough to get the attention of millions of followers on Instagram. According to Daily Mail, Bilzerian kick-started his presidential campaign tour with appearances in five clubs in Toronto, Montreal, New York and Boston. Nate Dogg singing Shake That A** For Me features in the millionaire playboy’s video.

The caption of the video of the campaign, which is more or less only taking place on his Instagram account, reads, “Good thing about pool parties is what you see if what you get,” and as been accompanied with hashtags #FatB******CanRunButTheyCan’tHide and #Blizerian16.

Good thing about pool parties is what you see is what you get #FatBitchesCanRunButTheyCantHide #Bilzerian16

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

His Instagram account has pictures of guns and women in suggestive poses. These pictures also include topless women with Bilzerian ’16 bumper stickers. A tank top bearing his campaign logo is also on sale for $30.

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Ironically, Bilzerian has double the number of followers than President Barack Obama. Bilzerian has also been associated with other 2016 presidential hopefuls like Rand Paul through their liar’s poker games, as reported by NextShark. Bilzerian also uploaded a picture with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), though it is not certain whether the congressman will endorse Bilzerian’s campaign.

Bilzerian’s Snapchat account was suspended earlier this year for his NSFW posts. He had announced his arrival on the video messaging application in a tweet.

After he was arrested for using homemade explosives, he was ordered to issue a public service announcement about “responsible” gun ownership. He was also sued for throwing a porn star off of the roof, according to Business Insider.


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