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US Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton Presidential Bid

US Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton Presidential Bid
Image from Flickr by Lisa


US Elections 2016: Hillary Clinton Presidential Bid

Hillary Clinton

Image from Flickr by Lisa

Anticipation for Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy announcement has started with The Associated Press reporting that it will happen in the next two weeks. CNN, meanwhile, has reported the announcement will happen from Monday onwards, citing unnamed aides to Clinton as sources.

There may be a guessing game as to when the announcement will take place, but reports are one in saying that the former first lady will focus more on the voters and less on herself.

Clinton’s presidential bid maybe announced in two weeks time

Hillary Clinton may announce her candidacy sometime in the next two weeks, sources told AP. Speculations have it that the announcement will either avoid tax day on April 15 or strategically occur in time for Equal Pay Day on April 14.

Clinton’s announcement will happen “only days away,” sources have told CNN. According to the report, Democrat activists in Iowa and New Hampshire have said they were told to get ready for Clinton. The former first lady is believed to have plans of conducting the first waves of her political campaign in the region.

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On April 4, Politico reported that a lease has already been signed for Clinton’s campaign headquarters at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn. If sources were right, the team may now be occupying two full floors of the said building.

The signing of the lease is another indication that the former secretary of state will have her presidential candidacy announced soon. As per Federal Election Commission rules, a candidate is given 15 days to file his or her official 2016 paperwork from the time he or she started campaign activities. The signing of the lease on 1 Pierrepont Plaza jumpstarted speculations surrounding Clinton’s announcement of her candidacy, Politico said.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid will be announced via social media platforms

Clinton’s announcement will be announced via an online video or a social media post, AP reported, citing people familiar with the campaign plans.

For the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton is said to be focusing on activities that will take her closer to voters instead of holding speech rallies with a big audience as seen during her 2008 campaign. Sources said that campaign activities will be more unscripted.

“For Secretary Clinton, it’s about being at the level with the people. You’re demonstrating to people that you’re on the ground ready to work each and every day for that vote,” Robert Gibbs, a longtime political adviser to President Obama, told AP.

CNN also reported that the candidacy will be officially announced via social media and will begin in Iowa and New Hampshire. Robby Mook, her campaign manager, and Marlon Marshall, her top deputy, are said to have travelled in the region. They were said to have hosted an intimate dinner with voters, informing them that Clinton will be open to constructive criticism and complaints. This is said to be the manner by which Clinton would like to fashion her political platform.

“The early caucus and primary states give her an opportunity to visit with folks in small, more intimate settings, where they will learn a lot about her and she will learn a lot from them,” Tom Vilsack, agriculture secretary and former governor of Iowa, told CNN.


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