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US Elections 2016: Donald Trump Topples Foes In Latest CNN Poll

US Elections 2016: Donald Trump Topples Foes In Latest CNN Poll
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US Elections 2016: Donald Trump Topples Foes In Latest CNN Poll

Odds are in favor of presidential contender Donald Trump as GOP voters are more likely to give him his nomination according to the latest CNN Poll. The controversial candidate is also leading the Iowa and New Hampshire according to a separate survey from NBC News/Marist poll.

Trumps gets majority of Republican support

Trump got 18 percent support from 230 registered voters who described themselves as Republicans and 189 who described themselves as independents who lean Republican, for a total of 419 Republicans. Jeb Bush is second with only 15 percent and Scott Walker is third with 10 percent. He also tops the list as second choice with 19 percent support from 460 Republicans.

A majority of the Republican voters would also want to see Trump in a presidential debate. Asked what they would most like to see happen about Trump’s presidential candidacy, a high percentage, at 52 percent, want him remains in the race. Only 15 percent of the Republican voters want him to drop from the race.

Trump’s unfavorability is sky-high

As luck would have it, while many will support his nomination, Trump’s unfavorability rating is sky high. Out of all the registered voters, 59 percent viewed him unfavorably. Out of all GOP voters, 42 percent viewed him negatively. According to CNN, none of the other Republicans rated as high as Trump in this criterion.

Trumps leads Iowa and New Hampshire poll

Trump is also getting the majority of support among the Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire. Asked if 2016 Republican presidential caucus were held today, 17 percent of Iowa voters would support Trump. Scott Walker who landed first in this list scored 19 percent.

Among the 100 potential Republican electorates in Iowa, 45 percent viewed Trump favorably while 44 percent viewed him unfavorably; 11 percent were not sure what to make out of him. Among the 100 registered voters, 32 percent saw him favorable while a whopping 60 percent saw him unfavorably; 8 percent were unsure what to make of him.

In New Hampshire meanwhile, if the 2016 Republican presidential caucus were held today, 21 percent would vote for Trump. Jeb Bush comes in second with only 14 percent. However, out of 100 potential republican electorates, 53 percent find him unfavorable and only 39 percent find him favorable. A whopping 67 percent of 100 registered voters and 65 percent of the 100 residents viewed him negatively.


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