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US Elections 2016: Bernie Sanders Seeks Democratic Nomination

US Elections 2016: Bernie Sanders Seeks Democratic Nomination
Senator Bernie Sanders considers presidential run Democracy Chronicles/Flickr CC BY 2.0


US Elections 2016: Bernie Sanders Seeks Democratic Nomination

Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has announced that he will seek the Democratic nomination for president on Thursday.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed activist, told USA Today, “I believe (voters) want a fundamental change so that government works for ordinary Americans and not just billionaires.”

His official announcement will come Thursday. He also declared that he will be running for president.

According to New York Daily News, Sanders follows Hilary Clinton – seen as a strong contender for the primary – as the second Democrat to join the race. He urged the former first lady to speak on issues of income inequality and climate change.

The former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, would be welcomed by some of the liberals who have been unimpressed and disappointed by Clinton and have persuaded Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to become a contender.

Sanders has consistently spoken against the concentration of wealth in America and the “billionaire class” that dominates American politics. He realizes that his popularity does not match Clinton’s, who joined the race earlier this month, but his nomination will rely on small amounts of contribution from millions of Americans.

He said, “I am running in this election to win.

“We’ve got a long path forward. Most people in America have never heard of Bernie Sanders. More than 90 percent of Americans have heard of Hillary Clinton… I will absolutely be out-spent. But I do believe we have a chance to raise significant amounts of money through small, individual contributions.”

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Kathy Sullivan, a New Hampshire supporter of Clinton and one of the members of the Democratic National Committee, said that Sanders’ nomination did not come as a surprise.

She said, “I know Hillary Clinton has always been expecting for there to be a competitive Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

“I think he should be taken seriously.”

Karl Rhomberg, a Democratic activist, said that although he expects Clinton “to be the nominee, I expect her to listen to Bernie, listen to (Martin) O’Malley and listen to people from the left.”

He added, “If Bernie is going to put a stake on the left side of the field and draw Hillary toward it, that’s OK with me.”

Sanders became the mayor of Burlington in 1981. Ten years later, he was elected to the House and in 2006 earned a Senate seat. Throughout the years of his political career, he has strongly condemned the system favoring the wealthiest Americans while the country’s poor class suffers.


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