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US Elections 2016: ‘Arrogant No More’ Rick Perry Announces Bid For Presidency

US Elections 2016: ‘Arrogant No More’ Rick Perry Announces Bid For Presidency
Texas Governor Robert Scoble / Flickr CC BY 2.0


US Elections 2016: ‘Arrogant No More’ Rick Perry Announces Bid For Presidency

Former Texas governor Rick Perry announced he is running for the president of the United States. He made his announcement in Dallas, Texas on Thursday.

People have not forgotten his messy 2012 presidential campaign. Hence, Anita Perry, his wife, vouched that he is humbled by the experience. She gave assurance that Perry now acknowledged that he had been arrogant in the past.

Rick Perry is running to be your president

“ To the one in five children in families on food stamps, to the one in seven Americans living in poverty, to the one in ten workers who are unemployed, under-employed or given up hope of finding a job: I hear you, you are not forgotten,” Perry said in his speech.

“I am running to be your president.”

He criticized the tax and regulatory policies of the current administration. He accused the Obama government of shutting the door for the average American who wants to climb the economic ladder, throwing the middle class to stagnant wages, personal debt and deferred dreams.

Every American is now facing rising health care costs, rising child care costs, skyrocketing tuition costs and mounting student loan debt, he said.

“I hear you, and I am going to do something about it.”

Perry promised to create real jobs, to raise wages, “to give every citizen a stake in this country. To restore hope, real hope to forgotten Americans, millions of middle class families who have given up hope of getting ahead, millions of workers who have given up hope of finding a job.’

On his first day as president of America, he will issue an immediate freeze on all pending regulations from the Obama administration. “That same day, I will send to Congress a comprehensive reform and rollback of job-killing mandates created by Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and other Obama-era policies,” Perry said.

He will also prioritize signing an executive order approving the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. This shall authorize the export of American natural gas and oil, freeing America’s European allies from dependence on Russia’s energy supplies. He promised to rescind any agreement with Iran that legitimizes the country’s quest to get a nuclear weapon.

Perry promise to bring an era of economic growth and limitless opportunity by rebuilding American industry and lifting wages for American workers. These can all be done because “it has been done in Texas,” he said.

“I have been tested. I have led the most successful state in America.”

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Perry deserves Americans’ second look

Perry’s 2012 presidential bid was marred by political gaffes that remained tattooed in voters’ minds up until today. Every voter remembers how he forgot a name of an agency he vowed to eliminate or how he went about ranting about his opposition of gay people serving in the military.

Dave Carney, Perry’s top strategist in 2012, described his bid, specifically the anti-gay campaign, as a disaster.

“He’s an excellent retail politician. He’s really passionate. He’s a very positive, optimistic guy. It’s really difficult to reintroduce yourself when you’ve had such a spectacular failure,” Carney told CNN.

Despite his messy candidacy back then, his wife, Anita Perry said he deserved America’s second look.

“He will tell you he was arrogant at that time,” Anita told CNN.

“Rick is absolutely the guy that you want to have a beer with, but he’s so much more than that. He’s prepared now. I want people to really give him a second look.”


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