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US Elections 2016: 5th Democrat Candidate Announces Presidential Bid

US Elections 2016: 5th Democrat Candidate Announces Presidential Bid
Webb Speaks At Rally Kalexnova / Flickr CC BY 2.0


US Elections 2016: 5th Democrat Candidate Announces Presidential Bid

Former Virginia senator Jim Webb became the 5th Democrat to announce he is running for president. The former combat Marine, counsel in Congress and an assistant secretary of defense and Secretary of the Navy criticized the past and current administrations for its mistakes of invading Iraq and using military force in Libya During Arab Spring.

Webb is also the first presidential candidate who addresses in his speech the growing tensions with China over the South China Sea and how the U.S. is economically reliant on China.

Jim Webb, the Commander in Chief

Webb is an Emmy-award winning journalist, a filmmaker and the author of at least ten books. Hence, his speech is written to be brief but not without sharpness. As a decorated combat Marine, he went straight to use this in his advantage – presenting a political platform that first and foremost will mend the military mistakes done by past and present administration.

“First, there is no greater responsibility for our President than the vital role of Commander in Chief,” Webb said in his speech.

He highlighted how he spent his entire life in and around the American military.

“I grew up in a military family. I fought as a Marine rifle platoon and company commander on the battlefields of Vietnam. I spent five years in the Pentagon, four of them as an assistant secretary of defense and secretary of the navy. I covered our military on many journalistic assignments, including the Marine Corps deployment to Beirut in 1983 and as an ’embed’ reporter in Afghanistan in 2004. And while in the Senate I spent six years on both the Armed Services Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee,” Webb said.

Therefore as president, he would not have urged an Invasion of Iraq and he would not have been the President who used military force in Libya during the Arab Spring, he said. “I would not be the President to sign an executive order establishing a long-tem relationship with Iran if it accepts Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons,” Webb said.

Nevertheless, he will maintain strong relations with treaty partners and allies to meet and defeat any international terrorist movement that threatens the nation’s security.

“We will work with our NATO allies to restore stability in Europe, and with our friends in the Middle East, particularly Israel, our most stable partner and friend in the region, to reduce the cycle of violence and turmoil in that part of the world,” Webb said.

Stability in East and Southeast Asia

Now that the tensions between China over the South China Sea have become apparent, Webb said that he had long been warning the government about this. He had always predicted that China’s increasingly aggressive military posture in that region threatens our own national security.

“If I am elected as your President I can promise you that we will not accept China’s continuing military expansion and intimidation in such areas as the South China Sea. Nor will we be so fearful of our economic reliance on trade with China,” Webb said.

“I am ready to fight on behalf of every one of these issues. Will you help me do that?” Webb said in concluding his speech.


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