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US Elections 2016: 14th & 15th Republican Candidates Enter Race

US Elections 2016: 14th & 15th Republican Candidates Enter Race
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US Elections 2016: 14th & 15th Republican Candidates Enter Race

Chris Christie will be the 14th Republican to enter the presidential race when he makes the official announcement on Tuesday. John Kasich, on the other hand, will become the 15th Republican to run for president when he makes his announcement on July 21.

Chris Christie

Christie may have claimed on Thursday that he was not sure about running for the 2016 presidential elections but his video released on Sunday told otherwise. He had also sent invitations to supporters over the weekend, CNN has learned. The invitation was for a presidential launch that will be held on Tuesday, CNN reported.

On Sunday, Christie released a video where he was shown talking to voters about his Sicilian mother. The video ends with “Christie 2016” with the slogan “Telling It Like It is.”

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John Kasich will announce bid on July 21

Ohio governor Kasich will announce he is running for president on July 21, according to sources who have spoken The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. He will make the official announcement at the Ohio State University and will be traveling to early nominating states after his announcement, the sources revealed.


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