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US Elections Triggers Nuclear War: Obama Vows Retaliation If Donald Trump Wins – Report

US Elections Triggers Nuclear War: Obama Vows Retaliation If Donald Trump Wins – Report
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US Elections Triggers Nuclear War: Obama Vows Retaliation If Donald Trump Wins – Report

The prospect of a full scale nuclear war could be closer than we think and it could be triggered by none other than the US elections.

Vice-President Joe Biden revealed that President Obama sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin threatening nuclear retaliation for his meddling in the elections.

Biden spoke with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press and said, with a grim look on his face, “We sent him the message.” Of course that didn’t answer Todd’s question, which was “Why?” Both men then remained silent for another tense moment.

This prompted Todd to interrupt and ask, “So, a message is going to be sent. Will the public know?” To which Biden’s reply was, “Hope not.”

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According to Global Nation, “Hope not” could mean many things. Biden might have meant, “I hope it won’t have to be that.” But, clearly, Biden doesn’t want the public to understand anything.

One thing that is clear though is that the sitting US president just threatened Vladimir Putin. This is a man who has control over a large nuclear arsenal and is not afraid to use it against the United States. Is President Obama really going to risk a nuclear war with Russia?

Obama To Risk Nuclear War With Russia?

The threat is believed to be a response to allegations that the Russian government was behind the hacking John Podesta’s email account. Should Trump win the US election, then there is going to be some sudden, unannounced, U.S. government response against Putin.

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Of course the threats seem to have no effect as Vladimir Putin reveals the reasons for Russia’s behavior over the past few months. According to the Daily Star, he also spoke of a potential second cold war to a group of journalists in St. Petersburg. He then firmly tells the journalists that he hopes they will report what he says accurately before dissecting the potentially world-destroying weapons that Russia and America possess.

Do you believe President Obama is willing to risk nuclear war with Russia to ensure Hillary Clinton wins the US election? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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