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US Election October Surprise: ‘Something Shocking Will Happen’

US Election October Surprise: ‘Something Shocking Will Happen’
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US Election October Surprise: ‘Something Shocking Will Happen’

It was recently reported that presidential election observers are wondering if there will be an October Surprise after this month.

According to an article written by Julian Zelizer for CNN, the idea of an October Surprise turned out to be extremely popular among all circuits in the 1980 elections. This was when Ronald Reagan’s campaign feared President Jimmy Carter would declare an appropriate solution to the Iran hostage crisis, weeks or days before American citizens went to vote, Zelizer noted.

In 2016, the surprise might arrive through the use of technology, the most important factor this year, he said. Technology has been playing a most unpredictable political role. This time again, the surprise involves what one of the two campaigns – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – might do or say in the final weeks.

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The world we live in is a world where almost any individual or organization has the ability to spread embarrassing or damaging material without editorial barriers. These sorts of damages can be brought forward by simply clicking a button.

With this technological fear in play, the situation has been worsened by the Russians. The Russians had allegedly pledged to interfere in the elections either through the release of hacked information or the rigging of U.S. voting systems.

An even more dramatic incident looms large because of the present times, which is known as the age of terrorism. American citizens are facing an unpredictable national security threat from terrorists or even lone wolves. These lone wolves could cause injury, death and chaos at anytime.

It was earlier reported by Morning News USA that Julian Assange, founder and editor of WikiLeaks, had been planning to leak devastating information that could be the October Surprise. Earlier, he leaked secret DNC emails, which had taken a huge toll not just on the Democratic party but also on the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Morning News USA also reported about the Kremlin’s plan to rig November’s U.S. elections. According to Russia, they may perform a public service by doing so. Although it seemed like a hoax at first, U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials later discovered covert Russian operations performed on U.S. soil to tamper with the elections.

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