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US Election News: Sanders Wins Indiana Primary, Cruz Drops Presidential Bid

US Election News: Sanders Wins Indiana Primary, Cruz Drops Presidential Bid

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US Election News: Sanders Wins Indiana Primary, Cruz Drops Presidential Bid

The Indiana primary has worked out nicely for Donald Trump. Even early in the polling, the GOP frontrunner was already declared the winner. Meanwhile, Clinton continues to enjoy a significant lead from Sanders.

Update 2:

In an interesting twist of event, Sanders won the Indiana primary. This, however, does not narrow his gap from Clinton. Nonetheless, it is a good turning point to his bid given that he has already started to lay off his campaign staff.

Update 1:

Ted Cruz drops presidential bid. He was so emotional, he mistakenly elbows wife in the face. (see video below)

Original article:

In the Republican side, Trump has managed to make a significant lead for himself from the very beginning. In the end, seven percent of votes reported proved to be more than enough for the controversial Republican candidate to win in Indiana.

According to the numbers polled by Associated Press, Trump managed to secure 54.4 percent of the votes or 61,913, with seven percent reporting. Meanwhile, Texas senator Ted Cruz had only managed to gather 33.1 percent of the votes or 37,654.

In last place is Ohio governor John Kasich, who only received 9.6 percent of the votes or 10,913. Moreover, of the 83 delegates available here, Trump managed to win over 45 while both Cruz and Kasich failed to secure any.

With the Indiana win in the bag, Trump couldn’t help but tweet another jab at Cruz. He said, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz consistently said that he will, and must, win Indiana. If he doesn’t he should drop out of the race-stop wasting time & money.”

Recently, Trump also remarked that there is a link between Cruz’s father and JFK alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, according to a report from Politico. Moreover, Trump recently issued an official statement against Cruz, calling him a “desperate candidate” with a “failing campaign.”

In the Democratic side, Clinton is able to maintain her lead from Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. With nine percent of the numbers reported in, Clinton has 52.4 percent of the votes or 41,812 so far. Meanwhile, Sanders has 47.6 percent of the votes or 38,023.

Recently, Sanders has also gone on the offensive against Clinton as his camp accused her of laundering money against state parties.

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