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US Election 2016 Rigged: Hillary Clinton Wins Presidency Through Bird-Dogging, Underground Dealings – Report

US Election 2016 Rigged: Hillary Clinton Wins Presidency Through Bird-Dogging, Underground Dealings – Report
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US Election 2016 Rigged: Hillary Clinton Wins Presidency Through Bird-Dogging, Underground Dealings – Report

Donald Trump has been screaming that the 2016 US election is rigged from Day 1. This series of sting operations on DNC prove that he may be right!

Trump has been made out to be the bad guy in the US Presidential campaign, not without faults of his own admittedly. But there is no denying the fact that Hillary Clinton and her party has not been free from treacherous allegations either.

One of the allegations that currently surround DNC is the fact that they have rigged the Presidential Election.

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In less than 48 hours to the Third and final Presidential Election, a series of videos have popped up on YouTube that not only suggest, but prove that Hillary Clinton and her fellow staff have been secretly maneuvering the elections to tilt in their favor.

The series of videos are have been created and released by an organization called Project Veritas, which is run by James O’Keefe. All of these videos are undercover sting operations conducted inside DNC campaign offices, exposes fraudulent behavior and gross misconduct on the part of the Democrats.

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The following are some of the criminal activities and misdemeanors of the DNC that is exposed on the tapes:

  • DNC not only hires people but trains them in something called “conflict engagement” to deliberately participate in Trump rallies pretending to be a Republican voter but then starting a fight by giving anti-Trump speeches – something they call “bird-dogging”.
  • Illegal tampering of Republican voter registration and “bussing” people around at the voting polls in the minority neighborhoods to get more people to vote for the Democrats.
  • One of Hillary Clinton’s staff said that the sexual harassment clause in the DNC office was so low that he could grab “Emma’s a** twice” and still not get fired (reminding one of something similar said by Donald Trump in the lewd Hollywood Access tape).
  • A candidate for US senate said that Hillary Clinton might issue an executive order to get rid of the 2nd amendment altogether.
  • Last but not the least, Hillary Clinton definitely knows through “a chain of command” about everything that is going on inside the DNC campaign offices.

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While these bold videos do expose some of the election “rigging” efforts of the Clinton campaign, they also run the risk of being prosecuted for illegal wiretapping under the strict laws of the state of Florida, reports Politico.

However, this is not the first time that Project Veritas has attempted to expose Hillary Clinton and DNC’s offenses. According to Snopes, back in May 2016, O’Keefe was busted after a failed attempt at launching an investigation into the DNC campaign.

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“Project Veritas has been repeatedly caught trying to commit fraud, falsify identities, and break campaign-finance law. It is not surprising, given that their founder has already been convicted for efforts like this,” said Brian Fallon, the communications director for the Clinton campaign.

Check out the videos below and judge for yourself:

For the latest US Elections News please stay tuned in to this site.

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