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US Divides Russia On Same-sex Marriage

US Divides Russia On Same-sex Marriage
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US Divides Russia On Same-sex Marriage

The historic Supreme Court decision that now allows same-sex marriage in the U.S. has divided Russians as well. Russia’s deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Constitutional Legislation Konstantin Dobrynin called for Russians to reduce aggression towards the homosexuals. A Russian Orthodox spokesman, meanwhile, called the U.S. Supreme Court decision a “godless and sinful” verdict. Conservative politician Vitaly Milonov has called for ban against the Facebook rainbow flag app.

Less aggression on Russia’s gays

Dobrynin said now is the time to start treating Russian gays with a reduced level of aggression. He said sooner or later, the country will also embrace same-sex marriage that it so objects at present.

“The most important thing is to immediately reduce the aggression towards minorities because the people who are fighting them must understand that their wild fight causes counteraction: more homophobes, more fighters for gay rights; the harsher the persecution, the stronger the protection against it,” Dobrynin was quoted as saying.

He said that the American culture of “don’t ask don’t tell” should also be legislated in Russia.

“For Russia, it is important not to turn its back on the reality of our time and not to plunge into a barbate and ancient homophobia, but try and find the legal form that will strike a social balance on this subject between the conservative part of our society and all the rest. For a while, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ could become the optimal formula that could take place and actually work in our country without causing any aggression,” Dobrynin said.

US Supreme Court decision “godless and sinful thing”

A Russian Orthodox Church spokesman condemned the decision as “godless and sinful thing.”

“In reality they want to take away your right to live by faith … to take away the possibility of building the life of your society and your state based on the eternal and unchanging moral laws dictated by God,” the spokesman said.

Conservative politician Milonov had asked Russia’s watchdog to block a Facebook app that allows users to cover their profile pictures with colorful filters of the rainbow flag which marked gay pride. He said the Facebook rainbow flag app was in “flagrant violation” of Russia’s law in relation to the country’s minors.

“It is a crude violation of Russian legislation. Facebook has no age limits, it is impossible to control how many minors are there. That is why it would be completely normal to pull the plug on Facebook in Russia,” the politician was quoted as saying.

Russians are divided

Gay activists in Russia have also rejoiced with the Supreme Court decision and weeded at their country’s stance against members of the LGBT.

“Most likely I will not live to see the day when some democratic, honestly-elected president illuminates the Kremlin in rainbow colours for one day,” Anton Krasovsky said.

“There will be happiness. For sure. Because love wins,” said the Russian gay correspondent Elena Kostyuchenko.

Those who are also against same-sex marriage lauded Russia’s position on the issue and they are proud to be Russians because of that.


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