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US Coalition Bombs Civilians In Iraq & Syria – Report

US Coalition Bombs Civilians In Iraq & Syria – Report
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US Coalition Bombs Civilians In Iraq & Syria – Report

The U.S. and its coalition forces have been continuously launching air strikes throughout Syria and Iraq as it continues its fight against ISIS. One report reveals the US-led coalition offensive has just killed 38 civilians in just a matter of 72 hours.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, warplanes from the US and it’s international coalition forces have been flying over in the city of Shaddadi city and al-Jayer in Syria since the 16th of February. These planes have done a number of bombing runs throughout their flyover and this had resulted in the deaths of three children and two women. The Syrian Observatory also says that civilian deaths have now gone up to at least 38 following the successive air strikes.

The Pentagon confirms that the U.S. and the coalition forces have continued its air campaign against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. According to Air Force Lt. Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., the aim is to continue to “dramatically degrade [ISIL’s] ability to fight and conduct operations.”

The campaign against the Islamic State has been going for around 18 months already and since it started, Brown says the coalition has already used up 519 weapons and has managed to conduct as much as 119 strikes. The main targets for the said strikes included bulk cash sites, crude oil collection points as well as gas and oil separation plants. At the same time, these airstrikes also provided valuable support in taking back the Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates River in Syria.

Moreover, the Pentagon says that “persistent air power” has been the key to making ISIS leaders and fighters disappear “in large numbers.” According to the Syrian Observatory, the recent air strikes has also managed to kill 35 members of the Islamic State.

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